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Fluctuations in Purchasing Volume Call for Adaptable Carriers with Standout Customer Service

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Consumers are still battling the impacts of inflation at the checkout counter, resulting in changes to the logistics landscape. With purchasing volumes fluctuating, retailers’ choice of last-mile carrier can make all the difference in retaining and attracting new clients.

Enter Intelcom, your adaptable, recession-proof, last-mile solution.

Intelcom is here to help you build unwavering customer loyalty. How? By providing fast and predictable shipping solutions, and simplifying the returns process to ensure a superior customer experience.

Consumers are Tightening their Purse Strings

Rising prices in all spending categories are affecting consumers across the country, resulting in shoppers taking more caution in their spending as of late.

2023 inflation caused concern among consumers, impacting their decisions to buy throughout the year. Trustpilot reports revealed that 43% of consumers cited price hikes and 42% noted being worried about shipping costs affecting their purchasing decisions. While no meaningful data can be generated as of yet for 2024, variability in pricing will translate to fluctuations in purchasing volume, whether up or down.

Thankfully, partnering with Intelcom means you’ll receive fast deliveries, and easy returns, building trust and loyalty with your customer base to weather periods of reduced spending.

This is how we do it.

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Optimized Shipping Solutions

With the ebb and flow of volume in the industry comes competition between carriers. Our extensive network of independent delivery partners lends to adaptable operations that allow us to scale up and down with demand, and maintain competitive shipping costs no matter the volume.

Intelcom's ability to swiftly respond to market demands also allows us to tailor our services to individual clients, fostering strong, long-lasting relationships. This adaptable approach extends beyond volume adjustments – we prioritize the client's needs and are happy to tailor services to complement our clients’ operations.

Moreover, our technological platform optimizes package routing, enhancing the efficiency of our drivers, and ultimately saving time and money for our clients.

Intelcom's dedication to flexibility and personalized service not only helps businesses thrive in dynamic delivery landscapes but also fosters customer loyalty. With Intelcom, it's about building the network around the client, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric logistics experience.

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Increased Customer Visibility

With a vast network of 75+ stations across 12 provinces and territories, we cover 97% of Canadian homes, and we take customer visibility seriously.

The last mile is the most nuanced part of the logistics journey. While tracking milestones and expected delivery dates are industry norms, we do you one better. Customers have unfettered access into their delivery details with our enhanced visibility tools:

  • Consumer notifications offer an additional layer of convenience and build anticipation;
  • A proof of delivery that includes a photo snapshot of the parcel ensures the item is left precisely where the customer wants it.

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Seamless Returns

In the ever-evolving world of online retail, a seamless returns policy is the linchpin of customer loyalty and purchasing decisions.

With approximately 17% of items bought in 2022 being returned, Intelcom’s smooth returns process is a key part to our success. Our commitment to streamlining this process is underlined by two innovative services: "Home Hand-Off," allowing easy, packaging-free pick-ups from customers' homes, and "Convenient Drop-Off," permitting returns 24/7 at popular retail locations. These services mean your customers can return items on their terms, when their schedule permits, without hassle.

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Building Enduring Partnerships

Our clients choose Intelcom with the confidence that they're partnering with a leader in logistics who places the customer experience at the forefront. Committed to efficient and accurate routing, simplified returns, notifications, and constant innovation, we aim to transform every delivery into an exciting and positive experience.

The enduring partnerships we value are built by listening to our clients and customers, understanding their needs, and evolving to provide the best service in the industry. At Intelcom, we're not just a carrier; we're your partner in delivering an exceptional experience to your valued customers.