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How Intelcom Delivers a Next-Level Last Mile Experience for Consumers

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In the logistics industry, last-mile shipping is among the most complex processes we manage. It is also the leg of the journey with the highest demand for visibility from customers and clients alike. With 28 percent of customers attributing delivery time to how good a retailer is, and 61 percent choosing brand loyalty based on good delivery experience, choosing the right last-mile provider is crucial to retailer success.

Consumers have come to know and rely on tracking milestones like anticipated delivery dates to keep a line of sight over their purchases and to plan their lives accordingly.

At Intelcom, we do customers one better, with added accessibility to share up-to-date information on package status.

In fact, our constant innovations in last-mile visibility mean consumers will be able to know more about their deliveries in real-time than ever before.

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Optimization is the Name of the Game

Consumers crave reliability, predictability and visibility when making online purchases. In a world where everyone is constantly on the move and technology is at our fingertips, our team at Intelcom knows that convenience is a non-negotiable element of the last mile. With 90 percent of customers actively tracking parcels, and 39 percent checking their tracking information once a day, delivery transparency must be seamless in order to provide a cohesive retail experience. That is why we are constantly optimizing: our tracking, notification flows, and proof of delivery.

We’re all familiar with the use of tracking ID numbers. Where our tech team stands apart is through proactive notifications, customization to suit your needs and schedules, and follow up once the delivery has been made.

This holistic start-to-finish focus gives us an edge over our competition, and provides our clients and customers with peace of mind throughout the delivery journey.

Keeping Our (and Your) Eyes on the Prize

The accessibility and visibility of package progress can significantly impact the customer experience. In a world where time is of the essence, keeping an eye on impacts like supply chain delays and optimizing routes to account for by-the-minute changes to parcel availability means everything to customers.

Our dedicated team is with you (and your package) every step of the way.

Push Notifications

Convenience is king - that is why we offer proactive visibility in how we notify customers about information on the status of their packages. Consumers receive an email notification when their parcel is dispatched, another three hours prior to delivery (with an ETA), and again once the delivery is complete.

Consumers have rated our delivery notifications a 4.23 out of 5, with 68% of them voicing their appreciation for timely and accurate updates.

We take the guesswork out of the last mile, giving customers peace of mind when purchasing.


Custom Delivery Instructions

If there is a possibility that the recipient won't be home for the delivery, they have the ability to add customized delivery instructions for each transaction. Their package is delivered where and how they want it. Every time.

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Proof of Delivery

Speaking of being far from home, we not only provide a confirmation notification that parcels have been delivered, but our drivers also take a photo of the delivered package, safely placed exactly where customers request it to be left.

If customers haven't indicated exactly where they would like their package dropped, our contractors will assess the location and leave the package in an area that they deem safe.

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Next Level Customer Experience

Our clients know that when they choose Intelcom, they work with a trusted tech company and logistics operations leader that prioritizes the customer experience.

With accurate and timely alerts, comprehensive tracking, visual proof of delivery and an insatiable pursuit of innovation, we aim to make all deliveries a transparent, stress-free experience.

Over 3,000 daily delivery routes optimized and peaks of 400,000 plus parcels processed across Canada each day make us proud of our 97.6% on-time delivery rate.

In an industry as dynamic and unpredictable as logistics, every minute, every mile, and every smile counts.