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Couche-Tard returns drop-off

Return your packages at your convenience

How does it work?

Request the return

Request your return on the merchant's website, choosing the 'With Intelcom at Couche-Tard' option.

Merchant to confirm

The merchant will send you a unique QR code by e-mail, which you'll need to show at Couche-Tard.

Go to Couche-Tard

Go to your local Couche-Tard that accepts Intelcom returns with your returnable item. No need to print a label or repackage your item. Items are securely packed for transportation, following Intelcom’s strict guidelines.

* Participating Couche-Tards are available in the province Quebec for now.

Show the QR code

Show the cashier the QR code. Once it's scanned, hand over your item.

All set!

That's it! The merchant will send you a confirmation e-mail and will process the refund based on their refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions