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January 10, 2023

Transforming our clients’ needs into business opportunities, with Alain Armstrong

Intelcom Recap2022 02 3

This four-part series recaps Intelcom’s successes and challenges of 2022 from different perspectives. It’s a brief moment to stop and catch our breath, so we can move forward into 2023 with the past year’s learnings in our toolbox.  

To end this series, Alain Armstrong, Executive Vice President, Operations, elaborates on what has become a strength within the company this year: transforming the needs of our clients into opportunities for Intelcom.

Alain Armstrong, Executive VP, Operations

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What were your priorities for 2022?

The industry in which we operate is changing with the boom in ecommerce, particularly due to the pandemic that has hit us in recent years. With this in mind, Intelcom’s priority is always to be a company that performs in its field.

This requires constant adjustments to our operations and logistics procedures. Throughout the year, we have focused on constant improvement, evolving how our teams work together, from the time a package is handed to us till its final delivery.

What achievements are you especially proud of?

One of our strengths at Intelcom is our national network of stations which provides our clients with almost complete coverage of the vast Canadian territory.

This year, we paid particular attention to what happens in these stations by offering them a specific management structure: a department whose only mission is to improve what happens there, and by extension their efficiency. This allows us to get closer to station employees, to have a better connection with them.

How do you think Intelcom has evolved during the year?

A lot of open-mindedness, a lot of communication with our clients and business partners. As I was saying earlier, we are in an evolving industry and we have to be able to adapt to the needs of our clients and their consumers.

When we respond to a specific request from a client and adapt our service offering for them, we can then turn to another client and learn they had a similar need, which we can now address.

What were 2022’s biggest challenges?

We must always remember the client’s role in an organization, and we gain by placing them at the center of our decisions. It’s also one of Intelcom’s values, to be customer-focused.

A challenge that we took on in 2022 was to ensure that we are always in problem-solving mode when a client presents us with their expectations. Intelcom is an innovative company and there are no limits as to what we can accomplish when we come together, are diligent and bring out the best in our people.

What were the year’s key takeaways and what are we bringing into 2023? 

We have laid the foundation for what we want to accomplish for Intelcom’s station employees in 2022. We will continue along these lines in 2023, to guarantee an environment where operations staff are successful and see the opportunities available to them within our company.

There are dozens of examples of people who came to Intelcom as package handlers and are now operations supervisors, or in some other role in the organization altogether, because they took a gamble that Intelcom was a good place to grow. These examples must be multiplied. We firmly believe in it.