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January 24, 2024

Reimagining Package Tracking to Enhance the Customer Experience

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Sticking to the status quo has never been something Intelcom has been much good at.

Constantly striving to grow, optimize and innovate, teams across departments are always taking the last-mile experience to the next level. Intelcom’s marketing team is no different. Their latest undertaking, reimagining the package tracking experience for customers, showcases that innovative energy and taps into the power of empathy in the customer journey.

With fresh copy, graphics and functionality, Intelcom’s package tracking is the first in the industry to harness the excitement of a purchase and carry it through to the moment the parcel lands on the customer’s door.

At a Glance

The Opportunity:

  • Simplify package tracking for consumers.
  • Differentiate from other couriers.
  • Share in the excitement as customers anticipate the arrival of their parcel.

The Approach: Research the highest-value touch points along the package tracking journey and work with tech, design and UX copywriting teams to reimagine the tracking experience.

The Result: Reinforced brand identity, streamlined tracking, empathetic copy, fewer customer service calls per troublesome package and even happier customers.

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The Opportunity

Intelcom’s tracking page sees a fair bit of traffic. In fact, one in five Canadian adults visit the page annually – that’s 6 million unique visitors and over 25 million views. When we’re talking impact, there’s no place online where updates would have a greater effect on our customers.

A combination of two different strategic asks prompted the redesign of our tracking page. The first is the value of differentiating ourselves from other couriers in the country and continuing to build on the positive gap we’ve created. The second ask was related to simplification. Specifically, how can we avoid confusion on the tracking page? The value of having every operational data point available to customers created opportunities for confusion and made for extremely long parcel histories.

Our mission became clear: we would simplify tracking to include need-to-know touch points and present them in a fun, approachable, and empathetic way.

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The Approach

Like any effective project, the process began with benchmarking, research, and consumer insights. Intelcom’s marketing team analyzed where customers found the highest-value information in the tracking path and which updates were better suited for internal operations only.

By eliminating this long list of customer-facing updates, Intelcom answers the questions folks really want answers to: Where is my package, when is it going to get here, and where do I go if I have questions?

Next, our A-team of technical developers, designers, and UX writers put their heads together on how to bring the vision to reality, all the while sharing in the joy and anticipation customers experience when awaiting the arrival of a parcel.

As Marketing Manager Gabriel Pelland likes to say, “How can we surf that excitement wave with the consumer?”

Leveraging imagery to amplify the sense of excitement and reassure consumers when there are unavoidable delays allows us to share the experience with them, to build connection and empathy.

“This is bringing us to a whole new level for the tracking experience: we’re completely different from other carriers, we’re creating value for our clients by fostering that hype and excitement following a purchase, and we’re also managing consumers and keeping things positive, confident and reassuring along the way.” Shares Pelland, “We’re keeping consumers informed and working out an exact ETA for them, not causing confusion, fear, or hesitation.”

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The Result

Intelcom’s updated package tracking page went live the first week of July, aligning with an ideal pressure test for Amazon Prime Day.

In a few short weeks, Intelcom’s new tracking page has made a positive impact. With a large spike in package volume came a 71% increase in potentially troublesome packages hopping off the "happy path". The new tracking experience helped manage consumer expectations and led to a 7pts reduction in the customer service call volume per package on the unhappy path.

The impact of creating clear empathetic language that continues to nurture consumers until the package is delivered is of immense value to retail clients. In further refining Intelcom’s brand identity, consumers will continue to associate our brand with a premium experience, which extends to their experience with our retail clients.

Differentiating ourselves from other logistics operators is another value-add outcome of the project. We believe there is no reason that package tracking shouldn’t be fun or exciting, and that’s exactly how Intelcom does business: light, upbeat, compassionate and approachable.

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