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May 27, 2024

Dragonfly Takes Wing as a Global Company

INTEL26 Intelcom Rebrand Anim 1

We announced recently that we will be adopting Dragonfly as our name outside of Québec, using it to power our global expansion aspirations around the world. A proud Québec-based company with strong ties to the community, we will continue to use the Intelcom name in the province.

We initially launched the Dragonfly name three years ago when we opened our subsidiary in Australia. Since then, we have opened 6 new sorting stations in Australia and the Dragonfly brand continues to gain traction with our retail clients and consumers there.

Our success in expanding to Australia and other markets now gives us the opportunity to consolidate our international operations under the Dragonfly name.

Dragonfly and Intelcom logo side by side

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To complement the new Dragonfly name, we have developed a complementary visual identity:

brand mosaic

The visual uses elements of our founding brand – Intelcom – and seamlessly creates a new, dynamic representation that continues to reflect our ongoing presence in Québec and our new global Dragonfly persona.

Dragonflies are known for their resilience and persistence, and so are we. We make sure our delivery commitments are met. And, just as the dragonfly travels long distances, our Dragonfly delivery service reaches distant destinations, linking retailers with their e-commerce consumers virtually wherever they reside.


Beyond our new name, it’s business as usual for the company. Intelcom | Dragonfly has been operating since 1986 from its headquarters in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Its expertise lies in developing logistics technologies and coordinating last-mile delivery networks. It partners with leading retail brands and third-party logistics companies, providing last-mile delivery of parcels to consumers in a fast, reliable and predictable manner.

We remain a proud Montréal-based organization that’s now poised to take our place on an international stage using our home-grown technology to help transform delivery markets around the world.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on our new brand and on our company. You can reach out directly by using our support form.